Thing I am afraid to tell you.

You might have seen this. But you might not have and so I
wanted to point out ‘Things I am afraid to tell you’. A fantastic blog
movement which, when read from a Google reader account full of beautifully styled homes and perfectly accessorised pastel jeans, is making me feel a whole lot better about this blogging
I won’t lie, blogging, at times, has left me feeling a little like I’m not quite cool
enough, eloquent enough, pretty enough or rich enough to partake and it’s great to see that the
people behind a whole host of blogs that I regularly read and admire are real people,
without completely perfect lives. It makes me feel better about having the
cheap Ikea lampshades rather than the John Lewis one I really want, about not having a glam kitchen and a Kitchen Aid or having finished painting the hallway. It makes me feel slightly better
about not being a size 8* or having the perfect handbag or a great sense of style. It makes me feel better that I have to have regular discussions over the fact the shin pads don’t live in the middle of the living room floor. It makes me feel better about the fact I am not a massively creative type and that things don’t come out perfectly good everytime. It makes me feel better about not having 1000 amazing, wonderful pictures to fill my ProjectLife album with every week {and the fact I haven’t blogged about it in months}. It makes me feel
better knowing that they too covet the pretty things they post on their blog
but just can’t afford either. There are so many things I could reveal that I am
afraid to tell you, but I am not feeling brave enough. Maybe later.

Pop on over to Creature
for the history behind the movement, and the list of people taking

*US readers – a UK size 8 is about a US 4. And I am no where near either of those sizes!


  1. I love you for posting this! I wrote my own version of this and have it scheduled for next week — a little terrified for it to go live but I think that's the point of it.

    And yes, it is so reassuring to know that others feel the same way…

    1. I'll look forwards to reading it. I have a whole section of G'reader that makes me feel almost guilty for not being perfect enough, so it's nice to know even the people i think are, aren't. I also it's what people need to read sometimes.
      {although you live in Florida so how bad can life be 😉 } xo

    2. Ha! Florida may be exceptionally lovely but I am certainly my own kind of mess. 😉 And I'm so with you on the comment about it's nice knowing that the people we think have it all together don't always…

      Again, thanks for sharing!

  2. Great idea! I hadn't heard of the movement, but I'll check it out now. If it helps- there are regular arguments over shoes and socks being left EVERYWHERE in my house. And, as I type this, I'm in an old t-shirt, jeans so old I fear a hole ripping on my buttcheek every time I go out in them… i.e. no style. Maybe there should be a monthly honesty day in the blogosphere!

    1. A monthly honesty day would be amazing. Something to remind us we dont need all the hype!
      And my favourite jeans sound exactly like the ones you described here too! Xo

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