You can keep your running, its not for me.

When we were kids my brother and I swam. A lot. Seriously, a lot. He trained 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day, I did 2-3 training sessions and 2 water polo sessions a week. And I loved it. And until I quit the gym I used to swim a lot. 
But unfortunately, swimming isn’t free, and when you have little no money you look for the free things, so for a while I ran and I really tried to do it because running appears to be the cool thing to do (if my twitter stream is anything to go by you’re nothing unless you’ve done 10k a day!). But my knees have given up. They hurt pretty much all the time these days, and running only makes it worse – I even bought fancy shoes that are shaped to my feet and new knee supports like the running shop people suggested but they still hurt. So it appears I am just not well enough, or, maybe cool enough, to run. {Plus, I have boobs. Running is not the sport for boobs!}
So, you can keep your running – I am going back to swimming. I have found a pool that I can get in to at 6.30. The plan is to, hopefully, swim a mile{+}, be out by 7.30 to be at work for 9. I know it’ll make my days a bit longer but I need to do something. I am just not happy about the way I look, and driving 3 hours a day with a half hour lunch break that needs to be spent in the work canteen, isn’t helping me get more exercise, so on payday I signed up for pool membership.  
I’m hoping to swim the equivalent of the English Channel a month, I’ve even found a place to record my efforts (and, yes, I know it’s not a Nike app so it doesn’t count, but I don’t care!) 


  1. Good luck, I miss swimming, don't do any these days.

    I used to do a little swim in a morning before work then walk into Leeds. I balanced the cost of the gym membership with no bus/parking fees.

    You might spur me back to the pool!

    1. Thats exactly what I used to do. When I lived in the city centre and could afford esporta, I used to do a mile in the morning then pop to work.
      Loved it.
      You should try it – I bet Frazer would love swimming with his mummy. x

  2. Ooh good for you, I am very impressed as I am hopeless at swimming! I agree about running, I actually enjoy it but my knees can't cope either so at the moment I am reduced to walking each day x

    1. I only know my way around a pool as that was the sport we did as kids (you need to be able to swim if you're in a boat!)
      I wish i could run still, not only bc its all everyone bangs on about, but because it requires little prep. Your walking is going to do you loads of good too! x

  3. Swimming is definitely the way to go. I've tried running quite a few times, as I like the idea that it's free and relatively easy just to do (in terms of no driving there, no need for lots of equipment etc), but I just hate it. Then my chiropractor said that I have the worst possible body and skeletal structure for running so I shouldn't do it, which made me very happy! Swimming and cycling are way better and much better for the knees. That app looks great, thanks for the share.

    1. My boss wants to do a big cycling challenge so I think i'll be trying that too – i am not sure how my knees will cope but we'll try. I might come to you for help with it now i know you cycle too.
      The app can be found at – there are loads of options on the type of challenge you can set yourself. x

    2. Happy to help – and S is a massive cyclist too so has loads of good tips for beginners. He was correcting my posture this weekend when we went for a ride so it was better for my knees and I straightaway felt so much better.

  4. I love a bit stuff like that, where you can set yourself a challenge. I've discovered it's the only way I can remain motivated to do stuff. I love running but only if I'm running for something – ie a race at the end. After my 10k in Sept I didn't run again until this weekend!

    Much as I love running I obviously don't love it enough to actually do it for the hell of it.

    I used to love swimming but couldn't tell you the last time I went. I don't even own a swimming costume – and I remember saying that over 2 years ago – so there's an indication of the last time I went near a pool!

    Good luck in your Channel Challenge!

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