A couple of weeks ago, on a whim, I entered a few of my Holga shots into a Facebook Lomo competition run by a cool little shop near by, Kuji. I thought nothing more of it until I saw on one of their Facebook updates I had won. I know. WTF? I won. 

This is my shot – the theme was ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’

And as it was a Lomo competition, I won a new Lomo camera – A Coloursplash. It comes with a whole bunch of colour filters for the flash and a book! Which is ace as I don’t have a 35mm lomo. 

And one of the best bits is it comes from one of my favourite local shops – Kuji. The sell some uber cool clothing from local designers, loads of Lomo gear and really stunning jewellery. 


  1. Em that is awesome! Bloody brilliant!

    My work mates bought me a Holga for my birthday, I cant wait to play around with it! xx

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