Wilderness – A grown up festival.

I spent the weekend at the most civilised festival affair I’ve ever experienced, Wilderness. From the website I knew it wasn’t going to be like the usual festivals we go to, but I don’t think we were quite prepared for what was in store. There was a boating lake, delicious food, cricket matches, an unfathomably large amount men in tights (men, for the record, tights, no matter how patterned or shiny, are not acceptable) many, many, many posh children (mostly with nannies) and over pronounced RP accents, a masked ball, the wonderful Tom Odell, naked trapeze acts, mead, some jewellery making, an orchestra playing movie classics and a weekend spent with friends. What could be better?  


  1. Erm. WHAT. This sounds amazing. My Mr could get on board with this type of festival (as rowers we are both over-keen on the lycra tights)! Bookmarking for next year! 🙂

    1. noooooooooooooo. stay away from the lycra 😉 especially if it'll be teamed with a waistcote and fox tail! x

  2. I'm so sad I didn't get to make it this festival. I read about it last year and it totally sounds like my kind of thing. Hope to get there next time for sure!

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