“When things aren’t adding up in life, it is time to start subtracting”

I came across this quote a few weeks ago and it seemed resonate with me at the moment.

I’ve been thinking for a while it might be time for a clear out – not just of clothes and stuff, but of people.

So I deleted some ‘friends’ on facebook – the ones I had on hide, or haven’t spoken to in forever. I stopped following some people on twitter – The people who just brag and show off. And had a major clean up of my google reader account – it was getting out of control and seriously I just don’t need to know how perfect your home/job/children are. All the people who made me feel a little inadequate, or made me feel that my life just wasn’t good enough.

And you know what, it’s made me feel lighter. It might be just what I needed. Now I just have to takle the clearing out of my clothes and stuff!


  1. Before I left the UK I had a huge clear out on facebook – especially of people I wouldn't tell face to face that I was moving because pretty frankly we'd never speak in real life anyway. I think I nearly halved the amount of "friends" on there and in honesty it's a lot better. I have twitter and blog clear outs monthly, just helps keep things fresh I think.

    1. That such a good idea to do it regularly. It was a huge task to do the big sweep that i'm hoping it'll be easier to keep on top of it.

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