What would you do?

This sodding quote keeps
taunting almost every time I hit the ‘everything’ button on Pinterest
Its a stupid,
simple question, but somehow it has got in my brain and planted some
crazy seed which makes me wonder what would I do? Or, maybe, what would I do if
failure didn’t mean there would be something bad waiting for me at
the other side, like massive debts and not being able to pay the bills. It almost makes me mad to see people doing the things they love
and managing to make a life doing it {for instance, my brother and his bar –
he’s doing what he’s always wanted to do, and doing it well apparently.  I am very proud of
him and his 
fiancée, but also a little pissed off that he’s the ‘sorted’ one

Honestly, if I didn’t have
money to worry about – paying debts and bills and the likes – what I would love
to do is Events. Smaller ones, like parties and weddings, where the attention
to detail is the thing that makes it work, where we could talk about that
perfect shade of blue and arrange a colour scheme around it and in this dream
job I’d 
definitely be working for people who would notice when I used a certain
font. I just don’t think Sheffield is calling out for me to do this. My bank
balance certainly isn’t. And do nice fonts make other people smile, or it it
just me?

I used
to think I would like a boutique-y/crafty shop with a little cafe on the side –
my friend and I discussed it at length during our time together at Quiksilver,
we would have sold women’s clothes in the brands we love but struggle to get
hold of and she would have had an uber cool cafe that opened late and had bands
playing. We’d sell artwork from the walls and hold exhibitions. We even knew
how it would look and once upon a time costed up the gear, but it was just a
little too far away from our grasp. 

Or I
would quit it all and go do another snow season, but at 30, I think I am too
old. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the kids and their partying and I
couldn’t snowboard every day anymore, what with my cheese knees – but would it matter if I was
living in the mountains? And if I took the boy, we could chalet host. He could
cook and I could clean and bake. Doesn’t it sound great. If only. And if I
couldn’t fail, I’d give a massive kicker a go again, and a kinked rail. If I
couldn’t fail on the mountain I would be the snowboarder I always wanted to be
– I would be badass! Trust me, even Jake Burton would be knocking on my door.
And then I would give surfing a go.  

Or maybe
I would push the boy to look into an opportunity a little more. Take a leap.  Maybe I will anyway. 

What, if you couldn’t fail,
would you do? 


  1. I love a nice font. It's so important.

    If I couldn't fail, I would go freelance full time. And pack it all in to go travelling for a while, knowing it would all be waiting for me when I got back.

  2. Ah, Lizzy – the rat race. i saw a pin about a slide in a house to a pool. it made me think of that house. Remember it. Maybe B could grow up to be an architect and make it for you?

    Helen – I am glad the fonting is important to someone else. wouldn't it be ace to pack it all in, go away and know you were coming back to something?

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