What to do next?

2 weeks ago, just before our holiday, I was told I wouldn’t
have a job after tomorrow. It sucks. It really does. I like my job. I like the people. Yes
the company is a bit old fashioned and it’s been restrictive in what I can
do and say for a ‘social’ role. And I had hoped to change this attitude.

Any way – I am now job hunting. In an effort to
not have to answer too many questions about what I am going to do now I’ve not really announced it to my
friends. I’ve let it drip through. I suspect many still don’t know. 

For those of you who want to know what I plan to do next, this is it – I have chatted with the boy and he tells me full
time puppy mum is not a career so I have gone and got some job interviews
lined up – interviews for jobs I’d really like. Jobs that will keep me in digital roles. Jobs where I’ll be able to continue learning and growing. I’ve had some wonderful people helping me too. 

But inevitably, there will be a
little time off in between. A little time where I’ll have to tighten up on my frivolous
spending – goodbye San Pellegrino Lemonade, goodbye Graze boxes, goodbye random Etsy purchases. But also a little time I can concentrate on me. And so until I find a
job I’ll be spending my time doing things that I like and trying to get me in a
great place. I’ll of course be sending out CV’s and scouring job sites – but this doesn’t take up the full day, so the rest of the time I’ll be trying to eat a bit healthier. Running a bit & 30 day shredding. Taking a roll of photo’s for Rhiannes photo swap. I’ll be spending too much time on Pinterest. Catching up on Project Life {really catching up – i have months to fill in} Trying
to teach the puppy that biting is not fun. Planning my Christmas crafting {yes, I said it, and I’m not the only one} Getting stuck into 30daysoflists.  Finishing off the odd projects I’ve started and run out of steam on. Watching the
latest season of True Blood {shhhh with your spoilers} I might even try and make a dent in the 31 Things list.
And if I can get the offering perfected, launching an Etsy shop. 

Oh, and I can pretty much guarantee I’ll not be watching Jezza!


  1. Good luck with getting jobs lined up already! Sounds like your heading in the right direction. I always find it helps being busy during the day. It gets too easy for me to be sat in front of the computer all day so I make sure I always get crafting or reading in the afternoon. Luckily I do our eBay selling so I have that to keep me busy!

    1. I might try and break my day up – morning for job hunting. pm for crafting and me. that sounds like the perfect life 😉 if only i could make money whilst at it. x

  2. I'm sorry to hear this Em, but often this sort of situation is the means to something far better! I'm sure something great will come up soon. If you get too bored during the day let me know, I'm sure I could be persuaded to take a break from work! 🙂 x

  3. Oh, Em, that really sucks! Good luck on your job search… and I hope you enjoy every bit of your time off. September weather is predicted to be better than this summer, so I wish you may sunny days. 🙂

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