“What doesn’t kill you

….Makes you stronger”

Yesterday I went with Sam as she got her latest tattoo – She likes it photographing as she goes through the process. {I think it might be number 8, or 9, maybe 10?}

She had “What does not kill you makes you stronger” in script on her ribs, and it looks beautiful. {We spent an hour or so on the phone last week picking fonts, and this was an amalgamation of a couple of her favourites.}

I can’t believe how brave she was, barely moving as he went right over her ribs…..OUCH.

But it made me want another – I am thinking my wrist this time, but now to decide on what?


  1. Ah, the tattoo's are addicting. I personally regret mine, it looks like a bruise on my ankle such a notched job,lol:)

  2. My brother has some horrific tattoo's that I am sure he'll regret, but I love the one i do have and i think i might have an idea for another so, we'll see.
    It's such a scary prospect though! I mean, what if it DID go wrong?

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