we didn’t go to dick-a-boot!

More pictures here.

So I am (almost) back in the real world after 6 days of sleeping in cars and fields and a day of moving house.

All I can say is Glastonbury was amazing. Even the heat and the football couldn’t put a dampener on the events (rather sun than rain I say)

There were beautiful sunsets on the park * many, many, gin and bitter lemons * sunburns * joy and then disappointment at the football (&a new team to support – Ghana) * hizzling ma nizzle to Snoop * Snoop saving Damon’s ass as he bombed out with the Gorillaz* dancing like a loon to Ash * bangers * late night treks to Shangri-La * fires * chilled out afternoons sitting in the sun with Katie listening to Jack Johnson * 9 year olds doing Jay-Z at Hip Hop Karaoke * discoveries that I know who Biffy Clyro are and know their stuff (I know!) * shade-hunting * goose-bumps listening to The Black Keys * finding falafel * walking the length of the festival, twice, in one day * raving to Toots * horns * wood missions * new friends * old friends * and so much more – just too much to remember all in one go……….

What a great 40th celebration and only another 360-ish days until we can do it all over again.


  1. I know. I am kind of holding off taking off my wrist band (until the big client meeting tomorrow) so it feels like i might be able to go back…….

    I loved the end of toots when everyone was just boogie-ing along to their own beat whilst the sun set – perfect!

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