Travel: We’re off to Washington, Philadelphia & New York!

Earlier this year I posted about our travel plans for the year and I mentioned the trip we had planned to California snowboarding – but that had to be postponed due to my chemo schedule. Initially we thought we might take the trip, just later in the year, but we’ve decided that we want to take the California trip when we can go snowboarding so have put it off until next year!
BUT………But……..but………we still had some airmiles that needed spending, and a celebratory end of treatment holiday to take so, after some moving of my radiotherapy dates, we have booked a new trip. 
So, the day after my treatment finishes our new trip we’re flying First Class in to Washington, (yup, you read that right, First Class, thank you airmiles) driving up to Philadelphia, then on to New York and the Hamptons (Well, this Hamptons bit will be on if I can convince Jim that we should go. He’s clearly not watched enough Gossip Girl as I’m just not sure he’s up for it!) Then we’re flying out of New York 18 days later. 
As we only booked it yesterday we’ve not planned how long we’ll be in each place, where we’ll stay, where we’ll go in between. We’ve not planned what we should see, where we have to eat or any of the things we already had sorted for the California trip. 
So if you have any recommendations of what we should be doing, hit me up – I want to know your tips, tricks and must visits! 

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