Travel: San Fransisco and and Mammoth

Last year, because of my chemo schedule, we had to cancel
our planned holiday to San Fran, Vegas and Mammoth Mountain. But we were lucky
enough to have been able to rebook the trip for this winter, so we’re heading out there this winter – with just
a few amends – mostly that we’re abandoning the plans to go to Vegas and
hopefully hitting up Big Sur and Sonoma instead!
Map from Behance 

The plan so far is that we’re flying in and out of San Fran.
We’re away for 18days – 16 on holiday
proper as 2 days are spent flying & we’re flying first class though so it’s
not a chore! (A perk of having had cancer is your boyf spends all his airmiles
on us flying first class!) Our plans so far are that we’d like to spend a week
in San Fran, and we’re in Mammoth for 5-6 days, and I’d really like to see Big
Sur, Monterey and Sonoma too. But what we actually do in San Fran, and where we go on the other days
are totally open to change.

So I am looking for your tips, your advice, your must visits
(or don’t visits.) Have you been to any of these places? Where have we GOT to eat? Are there any vineyards
in Wine country or breweries we have to hit up?  What sights can’t we miss? What did you think
was over rated? Any spots I need to visit to take a billion photos of?

I spent a winter in Mammoth after uni, but it was a long time
ago so if you’ve been recently, your advice for Mammoth would be appreciated too!

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