Travel – Our Vancouver Weekends

We arrived in Vancouver in the rain…….even then it looked beautiful. It looked like the place I want to be. The sunshine only made me fall in love more. 
We had two weekends in Vancouver. One with Jim’s sister and her husband and one just the two of us. Our visits consisted of seeing The Gaslight Anthem, a lot of sight seeing, even more eating and drinking and catching up with some old friends. We bowled in basements. We saw the Cannucks play. We ate cinnamon rolls bigger than my head, grilled cheese from bona fide food trucks, so many Oysters, the most amazing sushi, loads of ‘appies’ and found a great $5 restaurant! We met some of the friendliest people in the world. Seriously, everyone is super friendly. We also walked a lot. More than a lot. We walked everywhere. Including round the beautiful Stanley Park. Next time I will take more trainers. 
Cinnamon Bun the size of my head from Scuzzis
I fell in love with these jellyfish in Vancouver Aquarium
Granville Island
Granville Island Brewery
Kitslano, the sea and cocktails!Stanley Park
Meat and Bread! (and other food stuff!)
Gaslight Anthem in Vancouver!
Moms grilled cheese
Go Cannucks Go
The sunset as we were leaving Vancouver by train!
After our first weekend we left Vancouver for Seattle by train. The train trip follows the coast for the main part (and by follows I mean hugs it so closely you think you might fall in…..) and is completely beautiful. Our trip down the coast was during sunset and our trip up through early morning fog! It was just stunning! The train driver on the way back to Vancouver was clearly very proud of his route – he gave us a running commentary of all the points of interest we passed, and as soon as we crossed the border back into Canada, as crazy as this sounds people started waving at the train! 
You’ll be able to read about Part 3 of the trip in a few days. If you want to see pictures from the Whistler leg of the trip, then click here!
The details.
Where we stayed.
Our first weekend in Vancouver we stayed at The Sheraton Wall centre in a 2 bed apartment. It was perfect for us as it was bang in the middle of downtown and meant we could walk pretty much everywhere. It was really easy to get to Yaletown and Gastown for nights out and restaurants too. On our secon trip we stayed in the Westin Grand on Jim’s hotel points. It had an awesome roof top pool (that we didn’t get to use but looked beautiful) and again was really central.
Where we ate.
Breakfast – specifically the cinnamon roll was at Scoozis, on a tip from a friend. We had a great $5 meal at the Factory and some awesome Sushi. We had a beautiful seafood platter on Granville Island. On our second trip to Vancouver Jim and I also loved Rodneys in Yaletown for seafood and we had some perfect Korean BBQ too.
Getting around.
Whilst exploring Vancouver we walked. Everywhere. (Well, besides a few late night Ubers with our friends who live there)
Getting back to the airport we took the train. And getting to the train station to go to Seattle we got the bus. Both were super easy to do, even with all our snowboarding gear!

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