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Some pic’s from my iphone – sorry for the bad quality

This weekend I had the most wonderful time visiting my lovely friend Lizzie in her new(ish) lovely home in London. I drove out of a snowy Leeds, and made it to her house just about lunchtime. Not bad going I didn’t think.
We had lunch and shopped and bought crafting supplies and ate takeaway and mini eggs and made felt flower prototypes and we gossiped. And I learnt that babies aren’t as scary as I thought – her little boy is so easy to entertain.

This week is the last week before the boy returns and I have started to miss him. I need a hug and I would love to speak to him face to face, rather than just over skype. But my parents are coming to take me for dinner at Sukothai which will definitely cheer me up. 

So, onto this weeks commitment – there is just one as it’s a biggy and it might not make much sense to you but it’s something I need to do; 

  • I need to start letting go of some ideals I have. I have all these ideas on how things should be, and I think I have been getting caught up in them. If things are to work out this year, I need to let go of these ideals. It might be hard to do, but if I do it then I am hoping it’ll make me happier in the long run.


  1. Isn't it hard to let go of ideals though?
    We have all these ideas of how things should be, but the reality is they hardly ever turn out the way you thought it would be, or the way you planned it… Perhaps that's it… To just let things be!
    Easier said than done 😉

  2. Bailey, its definitely easier said than done.
    Maybe I need to stop letting my mind run away with itself – I have this grand imagination that likes to build scenario's that are pretty unlikely 😉 x

  3. Life is definitely easier if you choose to make things happen for yourself and enjoy how it all pans out. (Hint: often in ways you could never have predicted.) I've gotten a lot better at this as I got older and wiser.

    BTW, I recently posted about the joy of snowboarding which you might be able to relate to – check it out here:

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