Things I have learnt this week;

  • Painting a room, from plastering, takes way longer than you think it will. 
  • A radiator may work when your dad re-attaches it, but it probably won’t
    when you need it. 
  • People can say they’ll be there for you, but the words mean nothing
    unless they’re there when you need them. 
  • You never learn that the bottom step of the step-ladder is missing {I
    have many, many scrapes on my legs to prove it}
  • I don’t sleep well alone. Despite having lived alone for a few
    years, 6 months sleeping with the boy next to me has screwed up my sleep alone
  • A new cream carpet and a cut on your thumb that won’t stop
    bleeding shouldn’t be mixed.
  • A Polo is like a tardis – an ebay bought
    sideboard is no match for the car of dreams!
  • Nail varnish removes paint from all
    sorts of places it shouldn’t be. Like fireplaces.
  • Little gifts to unsuspecting friends
    can brighten even a rubbish day. 

{can you tell I spent my week in DIY hell?}


  1. Rachael – i think you need to call a grown up – thats what i would do! my dads coming over tomorrow to re-look at the radiator.

    And Lizzy – yes. yes it is. i want to hear about all of your plans, and maybe drink a glass of wine or two. xx

  2. I too have been in DIY hell and have realized I am the slowest painter ever. I hope you're excited about the result of all your efforts.

    D and I are trying to get our house ready to sell so we can move back to Blighty! Your Polo/Tardis comment made me smile. D's been extolling the virtues of a Polo ever since we decided to move.

    Good luck finishing up your project, and I hope we see pictures soon.

  3. Keenie – wow , what exciting news. Do you know when you might move? and where to? what an adventure to plan. And think of all the european snowboarding trips you can take 😉
    And D's right, you should definitely look at Polo's. I have had 3 so far and they are ace.

  4. I'll do a blog post about the big move as soon as I stop painting and renovating long enough to breathe. The timing depends on selling our home but we hope to be there in the new year. I'm so excited!

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