The memory card that changed my life*

So, maybe the title is a slight exaggeration but honestly the memory card I bought for my new camera is awesome. Totally a game changer for me!

You see at the moment my laptop works about 4% of the time and only if the charger cable is in the right position and the wind is blowing from the west! This is not a lie. I promise you. Which makes getting photos off my camera for use, well, anywhere a bit of a pain in the bum. And as my parents bought me a new camera for Christmas that I’m a big fan of using – this is rather annoying!

But my new memory card has figured out how to help me and came with built in wifi. That’s right. A wifi memory card. I have no idea how it works (I imagine black magic or pixies are involved) but somehow the internet (yes, the internet!) is stored in the memory card and you can access it from your phone or computer and download the pictures straight from there!
My new camera is awesome. It’s like to 400d I had on crack – but when we unboxed it we realised that in the years between the 400 and 700d’s they’ve changed the memory card situation so I had to go shopping for a new one – and that’s when my dad and I came across these little beauties on Amazon.

And it’s surprisingly easy to use. Much the same as my Instax Printer, it creates a wifi hotspot and you connect to it from your laptop or mobile (on my mobile I have the FlashAir app that searches for the camera and connects to it) and every single image from my memory card can be seen, and downloaded or uploaded to my dropbox. It’s making using the pictures so much easier – especially without a laptop!

And all for about £30. Told you it was magic. If you have a camera then you need to get one of these things!  


  1. Oh that's a little bit magical isn't it??! Maybe I'm getting a snazzy camera for my birthday…maybe the camera fairies will throw in one of these with it!
    Is this why Flash always looks INCREDIBLE on Instagram?
    M x

  2. I love my memory card, there is nothing worse than running out of space and having to choose which shots to delete!

  3. I can totally see how this could change your life. No more cables, no more 10 different steps to upload the photos to my laptop. I'm sold!x

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