The Epic Roadtrips of America Map

I’ve had a thing for great american roadtrip for a while. Well, the longest time really. I was given a copy of ‘On the Road‘ on my first snow season when I was 19 and fell in love with the world of the great American Roadtrip. Since then I’ve been reading all I can. The romance of the open road and the adventure has me hooked. And have you read/seen Wild? All that freedom and the open road? terrifying and awe inspiring at the same time! 
On my second season in California we drove our cheap ass car  across  the backroads from Mammoth to Vegas, through Death Valley and around all the small towns of that area of Cali. The small towns and the open roads were just perfect. If only I could find the cd of the pictures…….
So when I stumbled across this map that details the stops of Americas most epic roadtrips I thought I’d hit the jack pot. It’s been painstakingly mapped out taking in all the stops on the journeys and even explains how the choices of which journeys to include was reached.
Now the only thing to decide is where do we start and who’s joining me on the open road? 

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