The best people are the ones who give you brownies.

Have you ever had a moment when you know you’ve totally lucked out? Like 100% lucked out? Well, I had that moment last month at our WI Committee meeting. I turned up late, (mostly because I’m me and a little bit because of Flash being a complete horror) and as I ran in a bit flustered, I expected to see a few ‘why are we waiting for you’ faces sat at the table, instead I was met with smiles due to the most epic gift from one of our committee members – a box of the delicious brownies her and her partner make – Boxed Brownies – Brownies for grown-ups! 
Hayley had brought along boxes for our entire committee group. Now isn’t this is the sort of person you want at any meeting – the sort who brings brownies that that take the heat off you for being late!

You might have seen me Instagram some of their gin and juniper brownies, and since then they’ve set up a business selling these beauties and as they are just so tasty and the packaging is so cute, I figured I’d share them with you. 
Unfortunately when I came to take photos, although the box was sitting in the same spot in the fridge I’d left it, and the string was neatly tied – there appeared to be one missing. It seems a box of brownies, waiting overnight in the fridge was too much for Jim……

In our box we had raspberry and white chocolate, Canadian maple syrup & pecan, gin & juniper, classic dark chocolate and lemon curd brownies. Luckily the flavour Jim ate was the one we had two of – the canadian maple so he wasn’t lynched too badly as I still got to try it! My favourite though was the lemon curd. I am a sucker for lemon curd anything so this was right up my street.

Luckily for me, these graced my kitchen before I decided enough was enough and I had to eat healthily, so I got to sample the lot!

Boxes are £15 and the white chocolate and raspberry brownies are about to be discontinued so if you fancy tasting those get on it quick smart!

*Obviously I got this box of brownies for free for turning up at my WI meeting, but all the views are my own.

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