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 On the recommendation of my new workmate, Daisy, the boy and I attended a Kitchen event at TestSpace in Holbeck. It’s in an old mill building that sits next door to an office I worked in whilst working at the ‘agency of death’ in 2008 – there are really odd glass pyramids on the roof and I heard that the owner used to keep sheep up there in the late 1800’s.

We had no idea what so ever to expect as the website was a bit enigmatic but the boy loves food. This was a food event. We figured we couldn’t go far wrong.
The theme was seaside. The invite boasted of twisted fish and chips from Fish&, Russian roulette vol-au-vonts, sea-shanties, a giant knickerbocker glory from Sunshine Bakery and a variety of other bits of entertainment – including ‘rude and nude uses of candyfloss.’ Erm. What?

The fish and chips were pretty nice. I am not really a ‘Fee&Chee’* kind of gal. They’re usually a bit greasy for me, but I think playing the game of guess the batter made them better – I had the raspberry beer batter – but to be honest we thought it had prunes in it. The other one didn’t taste chilli-ish, it kind of tasted more like a marmalade than anything else but daisy knew there were as she’ll allergic to chilli! And the knickerbockerglory was, well, interesting. As you got further down it I think it became more edible. One of the guys had a massive lump of candyfloss and a stick of chocolate! But as I held off a bit I got a load of jelly and strawberry goo and some m&m’s. Yum. The Russian roulette ended badly for me and I got a super spicy (but would have been delicious without the spice) chilli laced salmon vol-au-vont. There were also some (we think – just starting out) comedians who were OK.


The most random part of the night however was the after dinner entertainment which consisted basically of 4 scantily clad youf {in pants and a vest} dancing about with pots of candyfloss. Yes. Candyfloss. You kind of had to be there, but they were getting a little bit erotic with it. I think it was one of those you have to be there to understand kind of moments, but as a girl approached to serve candyfloss of her back, it all seemed a little surreal. And to top off our confusion the proceedings were topped off with a boy singing sea-shanties. Yep – sea-shanties.
But all in all it was a fun night. I would definitely head to another one.
Sorry for the rubbish pic’s – they’re just phone ones!
The whole night was finished/nearly ruined/made surreal by a near fist fight with the drunken downstairs neighbour who thought that 1.30am was a good time to come and tell us that we walked too loudly in our hallways and bathroom and used our washing machine too much and too early. He tried to attack The Boy, when came out to check I was ok after the neighbour’d spent a good 10minutes shouting at me. 
I’ll be honest, I might not have been the most pleasant person to chat to right then, but when he open his chat with a stream of swear words, I’m not likely to be very accommodating of his complaints!

*as our ‘scene’ friend would say!

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