Styling out summer

There’s nothing that I love more in summer than busting out a pair of bright white trainers. Probably because I am super scared to wear them in winter for fear of puddles and dirt ruining my lovely sparkling shoes. So when the guys at JD Williams got in touch and offered me a new pair of white kicks for the summer I coulnd’t say no!

The main problem I had was choosing the pair I liked the best because there were just so many to choose from, but eventually, after a bit of consulting with Jim (I am useless at making a decision and require help making them) I chose these cute white Adidas ones with a little pop of pink. 
A light pink isn’t usually a colour I’d go for but this blush pink is EVERYWHERE this year so I figured they’d not only be summery, but for once I might be slightly in fashion too! Crazy I know! 
I’ve been pairing them with a pair of ripped jeans, turned up obviously, and my favourite sweater from Hush for a fun relaxed look, but they work just as well with a cute dress or a pair of shorts!

Plus being trainers, they are super comfy and so perfect for the sun we’ve been having, so they’ve been getting a LOT of wear the last couple of weeks!

What are your fave summery trainers?

**This post was created in collaboration with JD Williams. The shoes were provided to me for free but all the words are my own**

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