Storage solutions – How to store your handbags?

in the middle of having our house rewired. It’s apparently taking forever. Our
house is in disarray. There is crap everywhere. Which has me wanting, more than
ever, to have my house in some sort of order. I’m trying to tackle it all small
jobs at a time – I’m ruthlessly binning the contents of drawers I haven’t
opened since we moved in, I’m sorting crafting supplies to look pretty again. I’m
trying to find a home for everything.

One of
the things I have a bee in my bonnet (sorry. I think I just turned into my nan
with that phrase) is handbag storage. They’ve been hanging in my hallway on
hooks that are being removed, or shoved out of sight since we moved to this
not a designer handbag kind of gal. You’ll not find a Bayswater in our house
(honestly £800? For a handbag? I’d be scared to take it out of the house, plus,
that’d pay for a holiday – I know it’s all about priorities though.) But I do
have some ‘nice’ bags (some are even ‘come in a bag of their own’ nice) that I
need to keep somewhere rather than shoved in a drawer or cupboard where I
forget about them. I’ve been looking on Pinterest and I’ve found these options.


how do you keep your handbags? Do you have any magical tips you can share with

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