Stitches and Lace

You know when one of your friends does something amazingly awesome and you are just so so so proud of them and you just want to shout about it so everyone else knows about it too. Well, this is that shouting and that amazing friend is Liz and she has started the most wonderful company, Stitches and Lace – hand stitching Converse and pumps with the phrase, or date, or symbol of your choice.

She made these cuties for her own wedding, which was gorgeous by the way (and you can see it here on Bespoke Bride.) And now Liz is now making them for brides to be, hen-do’s, birthday’s, leaving to go travelling presents – you name, she can stitch it. So, if you have a wedding or special occasion coming up that you want to immortalise, have a look. 


  1. Oh wow what an amazing idea! My friend is due a baby, so I'll be ordering a mini pair once the little one is born. All the luck to Stitches and Lace!

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