Spoonfed Suppers

I want to point you in the direction of a great little site that one of my colleagues sent me to when I mentioned the food rut I felt I had fallen into {I don’t think there anything wrong with eating mushrooms on toast regularly, but I am told I ought to be a little bit more adventurous.}

So without further ado I present Spoonfed Suppers. 
I am probably WAY behind the times here so forgive me, but its new to me and I think its a fab little site which not only emails you daily with ideas of new meals for the week, but they also give you a shopping list weekly of what you’ll need for each recipe and list the things you should have in your cupboards so you don’t need to buy it all new every week.

This week the menu, if I was sticking to it, would be; 
Monday: Couscous and Feta Stuffed Pepper
Tuesday: Vegetable, Feta and Chicken Roast
Wednesday: Chicken and Three Green Bean Fusilli
Thursday: Salmon with Mango-Chilli Salsa
Friday: Spicy Chilli and Rice

Granted, some of these recipes look slightly more than I like to eat on a week night {I save my big meals for the nights the boy is cooking} but I have seen a couple of these I am going to bust out with the boy when he returns and claim as my own. The website tells me that the recipes are less than 550 cals, take less than 30mins to cook and prepare {hmmmm – I bet I could challenge that one} and they say the recipes contain nutrients and that sort of thing. And I can imagine if you’re cooking for two {or more} daily and need to think up new recipes, then it would be a godsend. I have already pointed the boy’s sister in it’s direction as she likes shake up their weekly eating. 


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