Souvenir Foto School

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With little under a week before class starts I wanted to
share with you, in case you hadn’t heard about it, the next Souvenir
Foto School class. 

For the last few
years I have been taking part in Miss B’s fantastic foto projects, and you can
see my efforts here {I think my fav was the food/foto one before xmas 2010}. Each time
I have participated in a class it’s made me push my picture taking and question
the shot a little more, and they were just the free classes. 

This year Tristan
and Michelle have expanded the classes to offer more help and critique on the
participants images and I was absolutely gutted to have missed the sign up for
the A-Z class in feb. But I made it on to this class, and I can not wait
to get going. It is a 5 week class, with weekly assignments, which I think will
really make me think about my images – and the group support on flickr was a a
massive bonus in the last classes so I can only imagine it’ll be even better

Class starts on April 1st, so if you want to join me
and expand your photo skills you can read all about it by clicking the image,
or here!*

*No, I wasn’t paid for this, or given a discount, or anything. I just really think the classes are ace! Thats all. 


  1. Sounds like a great class.

    Thanks for the tea recommendations! I was happily surprised to see that you do Project Life, no-one I know has ever heard of it. I am working on a smaller version based on an A5 size binder.

  2. Ooooh, do you blog your binder? I thoughtabout creating my own version, but the laziness in me thought I'd get bored, so I bought the kit! xo

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