Sam and her 750 Miles.

Sam & I – Glasto 2010

I want to draw your attention to my wonderful friend Sam and
her rather stupid plan for this year. Sam is currently training for an event called
Tough Mudder. Which, if
you look at it, looks like pure torture – it’s 12 miles of things like running, swimming,
climbing up and over stuff, negotiating rope bridges, mud slides and running through
fire. I know wtf is she doing right?

But in training for this frankly dumb event, she’s set up a
blog of her own to track her running and training – 750 Miles. That’s right, before the
event in November she plans to have clocked up 750 miles. I know, another
stupid plan. And Sam is a pretty smart lady so I have no clue where all these ridiculous ideas come from {being a person that is only capable of a short distance run/walk/run, it might just be that I am jealous that she can actually do this though}

But all of this abuse of Sam’s intellect was in order to say
 you ought to head over and read herblog, follow her progress, and if you’re a runner yourself – give her some
encouragement. Lets face it, if you have seen that event, she is going to need

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