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December 11 – What are the 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life? (Author: Sam Davidson)

11 things that my life doesn’t need? Wow. This will be hard. I’m a hoarder. No matter how I try and cut back I seem to accumulate stuff. Whether that be mentally or physically. 

  • Saying Yes/Obligations – this year I have found that so many weekends have been taken up with obligations to go to things I really could have done without – just because I can’t say No. I just don’t like a) people thinking I am a spoil sport b) missing out. I have tried to be a little better this year and if I haven’t had the cash I haven’t attended things {if I’ve been able to get away with it that way} but I need to stop saying I will do things/help people/attend events when I know it’ll leave me stretched and stressed. 
  • High Heels. For a girl who despises heels I sure own a lot of them. I cant walk in any of them either so in 2011 I am going to not only refrain from purchasing more of them, but maybe donate a few pairs to a good cause.
  • Regrets – I have let go of a lot this year. Which has helped here. But then new things are always popping up that I regret. I spend a lot of tiem wondering ‘what if?…’ Maybe getting rid of the obligations will help? 
  • Junk – Chocolate. Chips, crisps. Banana yoghurt chips. Coke. And I wonder why I put on weight 😉 Over the summer I worked hard to cut them out and I felt so much better, I am sure that much sugar can’t be good for me.
  • Chubbiness – read the above post. It doesn’t make me happy or confident. I am going to get to a weight I am happy with – if I look at the example set by Helen. It might spur me on. Plus, I should probably stop making excuses and start running again.
  • Negative People – right now there seem to be some negative people hanging about who are making me weary. They aren’t doing any harm really, it’s just a bit wearing as they rarely seem to be able to say anything fun or positive and sometimes I find myself in that frame of mind too when I am with them. I can see a couple of opportunities to have a bit of a cull of these people, and I think I might jump, feet first at it!
  • Crafting Hangups – so what if I want a sewing machine. So what if I fancy spending time making stuff. So what if it doesn’t come out perfect first every  time. I am going to ignore the people who say I’m a geek and just do it. and maybe buy that sewing machine I have spied in John Lewis?
  • Moving – in 2011 I am going to find somewhere I can live for a while. After my 5th move in 4 years this year I am craving some settled! Hopefully once the housemate makes up her mind about this travelling lark, I can find somewhere I’ll want to stay!
  • Plonk! – Don’t get me wrong – I am not a booze hound, but sooooo many of my social gathering’s require a drink to be in hand. I don’t tend to drink in the week, and sometimes not all that much at the weekends, but on occasion when I do go mental – I go mental. I do shots, I mix every drink under the sun, and I don’t know when to stop – and then I end up in bed at 1pm missing all the fun! Maybe I need some moderation?
  • Black – I need some more colour in my wardrobe! I am bored of black. Yes, it might be easy, but I am bored of it. Birthday money shall be spent on BRIGHT CLOTHES!
  • Indecision – I am useless at making a decision. I hate to be wrong, or have people think I made the wrong choice. It’s a bad habit I picked up after being criticised one too many times by the ex. And the worst thing is that I know it drives the Boy mad. He just wants me to pick something for once and I never do. Maybe in 2011 I’ll start?


  1. I hear you about the craftiness. I am always so put off of it by the fact that my creation might not be perfect or as good as someone else's…but really where is the fun in that? Good luck on you creations this year!

  2. I have good intentions to make things amazing – i just think it's my patience that lets me down at the finishing moments 😉

  3. Aww I've only just seen this! Thankyou!

    And I think I need to give up a few of these things for 2011 too. Crafting hangups being one of them!

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