Reverb10 – Community

December 7 – Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011? (Author: Cali Harris)

Community. Right. Its strange you mention it – I had to bit my tongue the other night when chatting about community – On Saturday night the housemates future travel partner was over dispelling the sort of wisdom that 24 year old are accustomed to. She was once again telling anyone who would listen that she doesn’t want a clichéd life whereby she has a relationship, family etc {she would much rather be un clichéd and go travelling to Thailand and Australia} and she hates living where she is because there is a community feel and people know who she is. I think that’s a really sad way to feel. Community is never a bad thing I don’t think.
There are a few communities that I’ve become a part of in the last few years over and above my normal friendship groups;
The SVC family – the boy lives on a street with his housemates, who, as annoying as they are, are lovely in their own way. Last year they gained a new housemate, Jen, who has totally changed the dynamic of the house. And then just before Christmas some of our other friends moved across the street. It is so lovely to just be able to walk across the road and open a glass of wine and have a gossip with Lizzie.  
Blogging – I have ‘met’ some really lovely people blogging. When I started reading blogs it was the USA crafting blogs that I read, and there are some lovely people out there who inspired me to blog myself. But as I have become more engrossed in the blogging scene, I’ve realised there are some great UK bloggers who really make me laugh, have some amazing stories to tell, and are so eloquent.
Flickr – I have been taking part in the last couple of Souvenir Foto School’s and not only is it pushing me to improve my photography, but it’s also let me ‘meet’ some really supportive photographers
Twitter – can anything let you contact random people all over the world as twitter? I think not. I have had some amazing ‘debates’ about all matter of random things and found out about cool blogs.
And as for a community I’d like to join – I have blogged before about wanting to attend a Buns and Roses event. I just need to get myself along……


  1. I don't understand not wanting to be a part of a community. One of the reasons I love the area where my new house is is the sense of community! 24 year olds eh, think they know it all!

  2. That must be lovely – having moved into an area with a sense of community.

    haha, yeah, she definitely does think she knows it all, but she asked me who Barack Obama was the week of his inauguration! phah.

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