Postal Presents

I am such a sucker for post. Letters {preferably not from the
bank} postcards, but mostly parcels and packages, even if I’ve ordered them
myself. I’m a little ashamed to say that I’ve even order things online
from one shop over another because I know it’ll come wrapped prettily. And I
get jealous every time someone tweets pictures of their Glossybox because they
just look like so much fun! But I know that beauty products would wasted on me –
my beauty regime, or lack of, would horrify most women and I have a room full
of beauty samples I never use. So with this in mind I have pulled
together some fun postal subscriptions I’d love to receive*

Seriously, what could be better than locally sourced, nicely packaged, indie food stuffs delivered to your door? They featured the fantastic Sheffield Honey in their first box, so that wins them some brownie points in my book. I have resisted telling the boy about this as I fear he’d fall in love!
My new found enthusiasm for growing stuff I can eat comes
with a massive lack of any knowledge. Seriously. I have none what so ever. I read
a book and I still have none. So a box with seeds of the plants that I ought to
be growing at different points in the year, and how to do said growing is right
up my street. I’d just need the motivation to plant them & I am not sure it
comes with those. 

And then we have Not Another Bill, which would be like a
dream come true. Imagine someone sending you a little random something, that’s not only uber fun/cool/fun but arrives every month. I know. seriously. It’d be amazing. It’d be like
having a gift to yourself every month. I love the fact that each month see’s the ‘gift’ being something very different. But I am kind of jealous as I love the ones that have been and know they’re done and dusted!


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