If you know me in real life, I apologise. Your post boxes
might be about to take a hammering – I have just found Postagram – a service
that lets you use your Instagram pics and send them as a postcard. The picture even
pops out of the postcard to keep. I love instagram. I love snailmail. And whilst
I only found it last week, so haven’t used it yet – I am pretty sure I will
love Postagram.

I know it’s not new technology – I mean I used to love the
function on my old Vodafone contract whereby I could text a picture, the
message and an address to them, and they’d send it as a real life postcard. It made
for the perfect parents/grandparents/boyf at home postcards. Sadly Vodafone
stopped doing it and my contract changed any way, but having another app that
lets me send a pic and have it delivered on a postcard again, well it makes me

Have any of you used it? Or do you have any recommendations for
other mobile phone pic -> postcard apps?


  1. This idea is new to me and I really like it – gives you another use for all the photographs we all seem to be taking these days!

    1. i know. i just love the fact i'll be able to take pics on my hols and post them to my nan, she gets confused by them on my phone 😉

      but it'll be a dangerous service when i am drunk "just wait, wait, wait, i'm posting this to your house….." Bad idea

  2. These are such lovely surprises to mail out. I do them fort girls and they just love getting a picture of themselves in the mail.

    1. you know i have your address right?
      And just how much would your rents love pics of Ruby, surprise, in the post. x

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