Podcasts I can’t live without

Before we start I should say I don’t listen to
LOADS of podcasts – I think not being an apple fanboy made me a bit late to the
party – for a while it felt like they were only available on an i-something,
but I’ve done some light listening over the years. A few blogging podcasts
here, some public interest stuff there…….TAL of course! 
But when I started working from home during chemo
(aircon and compromised immune systems do not mix!), I found it a bit lonely
with just the sound of my typing for company (and the sound of Flash and Melle
arguing as to who could howl loudest!) and I turned to podcasts to keep me
So here are some of the ones I ‘ve been loving. Also, my
new meds have given me a lovely bout of insomnia, so I am in the market to
widen my listening pool, so hit me up with your suggestions please. 

Mention podcasts near me and I will basically ram
AKNF down your throat with such force I might end up being one of their serial
killer subjects. But it’s with good reason that I love this show so much. 1.
Everyone has a bit of a morbid, dark side that’s a bit fascinated by serial
killers, don’t they? (I now know it’s not just me!) 2. It’s hilarious. Like
laugh out loud in inappropriate situations hilarious! Plus, the longer you
listen the more you’ll just have to know who the ex-boyfriend is! Trust me!
Each episode covers a different killer and hot topics such as 90’s TV
presenters, eels in Chinese takeaways and most recently, pagers.
My friend Kim and I even went to one of the live
show – Fan girls much? Basically. Start listening to this podcast! 

Anna Farris is Unqualified
Not-so-great relationship advice from @annafaris & completely unqualified Hollywood types.” What’s not to love about celebs chatting about the most random things, taking part in crazy role plays and dishing out terrible advice to the members of the public who’ve called in! 

Generation Why

Another kind of morbid one – but not so much serial killers (although they
do feature) more just unsolved mysteries.

The guys that present this one are kind of annoying in a ‘we’re going to
make huge wide sweeping assumptions about this and pass it off an knowledge’
way but the stuff they cover is fascinating and, well, we’ve established I like
a podcast about a good bit of murder haven’t we!

It’s from the guys at This American Life and Serial (which I
know we’re all listened to so I didn’t include here) and follows the life of a
guy in small town America. It’s a series, like Serial, so you can binge listen
to it – which I did over a weekend in the garden. It’s compelling stuff and
you’ll not want it to end – just like Serial, you’ll want to know more. And you’ll
want to make a maze in your garden too! 
Right, now I’ve shared my podcast faves – what should I listen to next? 

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