Pin it Do it

The lovely ladies over at Olive Dragonfly have featured my Stamp making DIY crafternoon in their wonderful #Pinitdoit series. This is such a great way to capture all the posts where people have pinned and then actually created something. If you have something you’ve pinned and made, get in touch with them!
I pin soooooooo many things for the ‘to do – one day’ list that it’s lovely to see other people actually creating things from their pins too.

If you want to see the original post on how to make stamps, you can here and you can see all of my DIY-y posts here.


  1. Pinterest blows my mind… too many lovely things! hahaha

    I stick to blogging and oggling at blogs, just about bearable!


    1. ooooh, you NEED to pin things – i find it helps me with my chronic need to always have at least 8 projects on the go!

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