Picture postcard perfect

Welcome to Postcard Inn from Postcard Inn on Vimeo.

When the post from BeachBungalow8 popped up in my reader feed, I actually stopped the boy in his cooking dinner tracks and made him look at these images of the Postcard Inn.

It was almost like I had found my perfect hotel.

Check out those wall to wall surf scenes behind the beds, the bookcases, the blues, the surfboard casually {but no-doubt secured} placed in the corners. And the video evokes such a holiday feel.

And the fact it reminds me so much of the Banana Bungalow, Miami, {The Miami branch has sadly now shut down} that housed my friend Rob and I during our summer in Miami is no bad thing – I have some tremendous memories from that place……The Postcard Inn looks like it might allow you to party just as hard, but maybe with a little more class………

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