Last week was a mess of baking and packing and goodbye drinks and crafting friends birthday gifts.

I really shouldn’t have stretched myself quite so much in a week I knew would be stressful but who can say no to goodbye drinks with friends and old housemates?
And I promised, myself more than anyone else, that I would take a cake to work for my leaving and I also promised a cake to my friends who were turning 30 as my gift to them.
And I also had to pack up my life, again, which is something I don’t think you can do too far in the future – I mean, who knows what I might need out of that bag of clothes I haven’t worn for a year?
And I left some of the birthday crafts I had planned WAY too late and had to fit them in this week {more on the after their birthdays or they’ll know what their gifts are!}.
Anything to make life easy right?

But, if you’re wondering – The cakes turned out well. I made a giant cupcake for work – a huge vanilla cake filled with strawberry icing and covered in sprinkles. And I made a special cake for my friends 30th. But I am not sure you can see that one. 
And i finished my crafting – just about – its not perfect, but that’s the joy of home made right? {if you’re reading this Lizzy, remember that!} 
And my packing. Well, that’s almost all done. I have some foodie bits I haven’t yet packed and my TV {but that’s mostly because I can’t untangle the wires} but on Thursday, when my dad arrives to help me move, I am hoping he can figure it out.

All that is left to do now is have lunch with some friends, have one last wander rounds Leeds, clean manically and wait for my dad and his very over the top van. Eeeeeek. 

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