One Little Word

I thought about doing One little Word for 2012, but I wrote this in my diary instead and figured I’d follow it (which I did. In 2012 – I failed
BIG). This year thought, I have put some serious thought into what my one
little word should be.

And I started out thinking my word should be ‘Time’ as I just don’t ever seem to have any. I don’t have time to repaint my nails. I don’t have time to finish that project I started months ago. I’ll be honest, most mornings I don’t even have time for make-up (it’s done in the car). I find myself rushing to not be late for work, rushing home to walk the dog, or rushing get to some commitment or other.

But it just seemed so negative. And I am not sure that’s what this is all about, so my new word is;

There are so many things for me to TRY. Try to make. Try to do. Try to eat {I am a fussy eater}. Try to embrace.Try to change. Try to catch up on. Try to bite my tongue and not say. Many many thing to TRY!

Sometimes I get caught up in the negative of things, if I can’t do it first time, or it doesn’t make sense I am quick to give up on them before I have even tried.

So, for 2013, I will TRY.


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