On the Piste

So, I am going to update you on my holiday. Whether you want to be or not. That just how nice I am.

Old skis and boots – look how uncomfortable they are. 
Old skis
The boy, his sister and her husband

Us + gigs

These idiots were waving at me and totally forgot to lift the bar and nearly had to go back round! ooooops. 

There is something a little strange about being at the airport at 5.30am on boxing day. Everyone looks a little disturbed and like they shouldn’t really be there – but it does get rid of that strange ‘what to do with the days after Christmas’ feeling. But given that my Christmas gift from the boy was the lift pass I was super excited!

We arrived in resort just in time to get a few little runs on the baby slope so that the boy could test out his new board and make sure the bindings were set up right so we could get on the first lifts the next day. Which we did.
Claviere isn’t the biggest resort at all but it has some nice red runs and it’s super easy to get into France. Which as our lift pass was linked to Mongenevre, was very good.
I was amazed how little I remembered about the runs to start with. I am pretty sure there must have been half the resort we didn’t even venture to in a whole 5 months before. But as the time progressed little bursts came back to me. About the places people did silly things, about the places you needed to go fast to get over the flats, about the good runs. Our hotel looked the same from the outside. That was strange.
My knees didn’t do too well, as you may know, so I didn’t ride as much, or as hard as I’d have liked, but the boy’s riding has come on a treat – he’s super fast now. To the extent it upset me when I was injured and he was faster than me…..and he tried some jumps. And mastered a little kicker {as always though, the minute I went to video it, he fell!} 


  1. aw, sorry about your knee, but it looks like you guys had a great time — wonderful photos! 🙂

  2. Destination ski holidays have always been a disappointment to me (bad snow/bad weather: Whistler, yes I'm looking at you), but yours looks fantastic!

  3. Oooh! Skiing! I still haven't done it yet this season. Must remedy that soon.

    You asked about if I use the Booksmart templates for my Blurb books; yes, I use them. I think they are ok. At least I'm happy with my books 🙂

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