I’d never been a bath fan. I couldn’t see the attraction at all. Just sitting there in the water was never my style. But then we ended up with just a bath in the house for 6 months. To start with I mostly just moaned about having to run a bath, sit in it, and oh, washing my hair well, that was just the worst thing that ever happened to me. But now we have a shower again, I find myself missing baths. Especially as I love our new (if not quite finished yet) bathroom and our new bath is the biggest tub I’ve ever come across.
So when Matalan Direct got in touch to ask if I’d like to put together my perfect bath for their #MyBath campaign to celebrate the fact they’ve started selling bathrooms I thought I’d love to get involved. Plus it was a great excuse to have a look at their new bathroom gear because we still have a shower room to put together. It’s been an eye opening experience to find out just how much house renovations cost – even for what might be the smallest room in history, so it was refreshing to see that the shower enclosures were all an affordable price and that there were quite a few low profile toilets and sinks to choose from! Finding nice, low profile fittings has been a bit of a challenge, but because of the size of the room it’s pretty necessary. 
But back to my perfect bath. Matalan Direct were kind enough to send me a candle and room fragrance diffuser in their Coconut Vanilla scent which is a perfect sweet smell and thanks to the diffuser is present even when the candle isn’t lit, and what might be fluffiest towel ever too to help start off the bath. The lovely guys at Matalan Direct also included a gift voucher so I could pop and get myself some more bits to create the perfect soak. 
I picked up some beautiful Champneys bubble bath because a good bubble bath is the essential base for the perfect bathing experience isn’t it. And just look how pretty this bottle is! Next I grabbed myself some moisturising shampoo and conditioner (because the addition of a shower means washing my hair in the bath isn’t the gross experience it once was!) and a five minute facial facemask, to hopefully work wonders on my face and give me a youthful glow – well, we can live in hope! I also added a Natural Sea Sponge to my shopping basket. If you’ve not used one then it something I suggest you pop out and grab. They’re a world away from your usual shower ‘pouffe’. The other item I had to include was a pot of Lush’s African Paradise. I’m such a lazy person when it comes to looking after myself sometimes. I know I should moisturise more but I always forget or get get too busy, so this pot of joy means I can just lather it on in the bath and that’s my skin all soft and hydrated! 
So, this is my perfect bath – but tell me what’s yours? What should I, the bath loving newbie, be including for my next soak?
*This is a PR collaboration but all views are my own*

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