My Octobers Goals

Now I’m not going to be all clichéd and say that October is my favourite month because honestly, it’s not. It’s not cold enough for my liking so I find it’s a strange time where you’re never sure how many layers to wear and everyone gets obsessed with PSL’s, which as a none coffee drinker passes me by!
But it does have it’s advantages, besides the fact the changing colours of the leaves make the perfect backdrop for puppy photoshoots. Now it’s tights weather it means the search for the perfect denim skirt is back on. I’m struggling to find one that’s not too short but not too long, and it’s the not too long bit I am struggling with. Why all the knee length skirts? And we get to meet our new nephew, he was born a week or so ago but we’ve not had the chance to go over to Manchester yet! And I have all these plans to make some perfect autumn cocktails. Because every season should have accompanying drinks, shouldn’t it? 
What do you have planned for the month? 

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