My new favourite timepiece from Welly Merck

No matter how much of my life is lived digitally, I will never be able to give up wearing a watch. There has always been a place in my life for them, from the pop swatch I got as a birthday gift in the early 90’s to the Animal watch I bought with my first wages, or the G-shock I thought was so cool even though it stuck a mile off my wrist. I have always been a watch wearer. I always will be. And I like watch faces and moving hands. The digital watch life is not for me. I’ve tried it. I didn’t like it. 
My latest obsession is this beautiful black and turquoise watch I got from Swiss brand Welly Merck. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I have a slight obsession for all things turquoise, so when I saw this beauty, The Classic Bern, with it’s black face and mesh strap and bright blue hands, it was a must for my life! A little bit classy. A lot of fun! 
I hadn’t heard of Welly Merck before discovering this piece, but there is the cutest story behind the creation of the brand; 
The Story
American boy Merck, born in a steel artisan family, is passionate for Iron craft and travelling. During a trip in Italy, Merck met a girl named Welly, who is from a traditional watch-making family. The two fell in love at first sight, unfortunately, they soon had to travel back after the trip. However their affection and passion continued though in distance and departure. Distance and differences didn’t fade their hope on plan for future. Though suffered a lot, they overcame various difficulties with the blessing of friends and relatives, Merck came to Switzerland and finally married his beloved girl Welly. To memorise their own love story, the two created their own watch brand ”Welly Merck” after their marriage.
The watch face itself, whilst larger in face diameter than my other watches, is thinner, which makes it feel a bit more elegant. Less bulky and ‘there’ on my wrist! It also features swiss quartz Rhonda 762 movement, sapphire crystal glass, and on top of that, it’s waterproof, which I never thought much about about until I cracked the face of my Nixon watch and realised how often it got splashed!

My only little niggle is that the strap seems harder to get to grips with than my other watches – but after a few days of wearing I’ve got it figured out. And speaking of straps, there is also the option to change the straps with the click of a switch, which, whilst I don’t have any other straps for this watch, is a feature of my other current time piece that I love.

I have to say I’ve had this watch for the last few weeks now and I’ve so many compliments it. I think the bright pops of colour on the face make it stand out, plus and it sits perfectly with my growing collection of turquoise jewellery!

Tell me, are you a watch wearer? What’s your go to time piece?  

*I was sent this watch for the purpose of this review, but all the views and words are my own*

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