‘My Journey’ right now other wise known as the funk my brain is in!

Last weekend I was in London for the Blogtacular conference. I went thinking my blogging cup would be overflowing when I left, but the reality is I’m now feeling a little overwhelmed with ideas but a bit empty of motivation. 

I learnt that I should be writing about my ‘truth’ and bringing you along ‘on my journey’, but the reality is that the truth of my journey isn’t all that awesome right now. It’s just all a bit, well, ugh!

As I write this I’ve just had a stressful dog walk with Flash, Melle and my parents dog Molly. Melle decide to jump through a barbed wire fence to go hang out with some horses and wouldn’t come back so I had to climb through the fence, barbed wire and all to retrieve him. Flash rolled in something dead and decomposing which smelt awesome and Molly ran off through a cornfield, refusing to return, after an unidentified animal big enough to move the tops of the corn but not to be seen. All of them were nobs. 

In other areas of life my Nan has been ill for weeks, she’s 89 today so she’s not young. Because my parents have been away sailing I’ve been put in charge of keeping her alive, which would be easier if she’d listen to the doctors that prescribe her tablets. But it got so bad my so bad that my mum came home leaving my dad in Jersey, which is great  for me, because I get a bit of Nan care respite but means she’s got of all the stress and need some support herself. We need to figure out how to get her some help before my mum goes back to my dad, even though she insists that she doesn’t need it because I can help her enough. I can’t. It’s just not possible. 

Then there’s the whole EU thing. It terrifies me that the country voted the way it did, and that the feeling that has swept across the country in the lead up to the vote might not go away. It worries me that the house we have to sell might be jeopardised. But it worries me more that my mum was so distraught at what the future might hold for ours and coming generations. (I am happy to say both my parents voted remain!)

And Jim’s away at Glasonbury so I am home alone. I was supposed to be having some friends over for drinks last night but they cancelled so I had a night of putting up curtain poles, framing artwork, and puppy cuddles and refereeing fights and trying to figure out how to get my Nan the help she needs and my mum back out to her holiday. 

As soon as I figure out how to stop stressing about all these things I can’t really control, when there is more umph in my life, I’ll back with some learnings from Blogtacular and some other fun bits I have in my brain but can’t get out.  

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