My guilty pleasures play list!

Having just spent a fair wack of a recent weekend driving the 6hrs to Ilfracome and back with one of my friends, Beth, in the passenger seat and in-charge of the stereo, I’ve realised just how massively un-cool my music collection is. A couple of hours into the journey, we decided to abandon the radio and turn to my car CD collection which was probably last updated in about 2009 (we forgot both our ipods!).

Given that Beth has always been the friend who introduced me to cool new bands, her mocking of my CD collections was pretty just – I mean, I didn’t even know I had 2 Justin Timberlake CD’s – but it didn’t stop us from finding a couple of massive guilty pleasures in there. And the dance party we had in the car had me thinking about what would be on my guilty pleasures playlist if I was given with free reign beyond my current collection of CD’s. I mean it’s not like it’ll be much different to what’s actually in my CD case but you know, I’m a creature of musical habits and maybe there are a few other singles I can pick up?

I mean no playlist, guilty pleasures or otherwise, would be complete without The Beach Boys, they’ve been my favourite since I was a kid, like a little kid, 10 years old and singing along to Little Deuce Coupe, but there havebeen times when liking them was so not cool and they will always feel like a guilty pleasure! And I just don’t trust you if you don’t sing at the top of your voice to Livin’ on a Prayer when you’re in your car. But in my list there are a few other sing along classics, some late night party memories, some cheesey numbers and a couple of indie essentials.

I mean this isn’t the playlist I’d publish to impress the super cool amongst you, this is the playlist I’d put on to speak to the me’s throughout the years, the me who wants to sing along and the me who wants to remember some awesome memories. 

And now I want to know what would be on your guilty pleasures playlist – not the cool songs remember, the ones you’d listen to when you’re not trying to impress anyone. Go on, hit me with them!

*This is a collaborative post with HMV but all the view are my own* 

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