My first time making meringues and a food photo shoot.

I had the girls over for dinner a couple of weeks ago. It was a novelty for me to cook as it’s not something I do for anyone other than me very often as Jim is such a great cook. But for mains I made Rachel Khoo’s Tartiflette Nests (I love tartiflette and these were delicious) and for dessert we had Eton Mess. The most impressive bit for me was that I made the meringues all on my own, and for the first time trying (I once made a chocolate pavlova with my mum but I’ll be honest she did most of the work). 
Making them was pretty easy – and I even did the stereotypical thing where you hold the mixer bowl over your head – but the best bit about it all was that I made a few too many so got to have a little photoshoot the day after and put in to practice some of the learnings from the food photo course I took in June. 

What do you think? To the meringues and the photos?

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