Travel: Mutzig made me do it……

Last week we spent a wonderful week on the snow in Morzine with the boy’s sister and her husband. I’d have to say that it might be my favourite resort we’ve been to – it’s a proper town, huge ski areas and loads of cruise-y runs for my ruined joints, which might also explain why we spent Saturday afternoon drinking biere peche Mutzig’s and looking at brochures discussing how much it would cost us to buy a chalet. (Anyone got £750,000 they’d like to give me – you could come stay whenever you like. Promise!)

We had bluebird skies, perfect (if not a little slushy by the end of the week) snow, some great apres bars to visit and a beautiful apartment to chill out in by the end of the day. We also ate pretty much every carb/cheese/boulangerie bought snack available to us – major detox time after all the beer and food!

We ate some amazing sarnies in about the the best locations on the planet – it sure beats the work canteen! Why does a ham and cheese baguette taste better on freshly bought pain? And mustard mayo. Amazing!

Plus I got to see the lovely Zoe who is seasonairing over there. It was lovely to cruise the runs with her.

Whilst my knees might not feel the same – I think the time I spend on snow might be my favourite part of the year. Just look at the colour of the sky.

And in case you didn’t see me raving about it on Twitter and Instagram – check out my new hat from some friends at Nuco. It’s made by a super cool company called Hats for the Hill – they custom crochet your beanie for you in a matter of days in pretty much whichever style and colour combo you can think of. They even have a swap-able bobble feature so you can switch it out to match your mood! I think they might be one of my favourite new company finds…..

Right, now back to dreaming about moving to a resort!

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