Moving on up

Since my housemate announced, just weeks after we moved into our new flat, that she had decided to go travelling early next year, I have been in a quandary as to what to do about my living situation. 
It’s really annoyed me as this move was really her idea and she proposed it so we’d have somewhere we both could stay for quite a while, but it’s turned out it was more a move so she could save for her trip……..

The problem is whilst I really cannot be bothered to move again- if I do, it’ll be the 4th house change in as many years- there are certain factors that are making me think I ought to;

  • For one, the landlord hasn’t taken any rent from the housemate yet. 3 months have gone by and they’ve not asked her for a penny and she, understandably, isn’t about to mention it. It is their fault – they’re the one who should have set up the Direct Debit, and they haven’t chased it at all. But it worries me that if she leaves in February, and they check their details maybe the end of the tax year, and I am still in the flat they’ll want me to stump up the cash as we’re on a joint contract. I certainly will not have a spare couple of thousand and I am sure she wont whilst she is ‘finding herself’ in Thailand!
  • Plus I don’t have any friends who are need on a room at the moment so it would mean sharing with a random again, which, yes, might not be all THAT bad –I did meet some lovely people in my last house – but also some MENTAL ones. Can I be bothered with that?
  • And also I think, somewhere at the back of my mind, that maybe I should start to grow up, and you know, buy somewhere. Even if it is just so I have somewhere to paint the colours I want, or have the artwork I want up.

·          But then it’s such a massive decision. Do I buy in Leeds, near my job, and really, the handful of friends who are still here after university? Or do I think about maybe buying in Sheffield? Would that be a more sensible idea if I am thinking long term with the boy? {he part owns a house with his friend, so he feels like he is committed to Sheffield} If we did decide to move in together then it would make more sense for us to live in Sheffield. {which after recent convo’s might not happen in, lets say, the next decade!!!}

And can I really afford a house? I mean REALLY afford it? it wouldn’t be just the house, it would be the rest of the stuff that goes with it, like sofa’s and beds and Tv’s and crockery and pretty cushions and cute wallpaper and bright pots of paint……And if the boy and I DID ever move in together, would we really need 2 houses? 


  1. Definitely worth resolving this unpaid rent issue before she leaves as you definitely don't want to be stung once she's on a sunny beach. Though if you're on single tenancy agreements you should be fine as you aren't then liable for other tenants.

    Tricky one though in the buying v. renting and Sheffield v. Leeds. I don't regret buying a house as it's lush to have somewhere to call your own, but it is a commitment and a massive money drain. That said, if you do move in with the boy and both of you have houses, you can always rent out one of them, especially in student heavy cities. Good luck in the decision!

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