Moving Days

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At some point in the last few weeks my crazy little mind thought it would be a great idea to agree with the girl who is taking over the lease on my room that she can move in on the 30th June.

It seemed an age off when I agreed to it. It was an age away when I agreed to it. In fact it’s still kind of an age away.

Well, it would be if I wasn’t leaving for Glastonbury on Tuesday morning, to not be back again until the Tuesday afterwards (29th) and I am at the boyfriends this weekend to sort out the little things I need to make sure get sorted before our festival-holiday i.e making sure all his clothes get packed and he doesn’t try and take anything that I think is awful 😉

Yes that’s right, I have approximately 3 evenings to pack up the majority of my belongings in the house. And when I get back I will have about 6 hours to get the contents of said room into the new flat.

I think I might have been a little silly in my time management.

But I can not wait to move into that lovely new place. Please just bear with me if I disappear for a while.

(oh, if you thought about robbing my house – for those of you who know where Murder Ave is-one of the housemates has the week off! She is crazy mental. I wouldn’t bother. hehe!).


  1. Nicole, it's called 'peach sundress' I think and I just stumbled across it! I'm guessing it must have been from dafont or something. It's lovely though isn't it! Xo

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