Moving {again}

The housemate {yes, the one I moved in with about 6 weeks ago} has announced she is going travelling in March/April. And it appears that she has been planning this for some time – definitely since before we started looking for our flat.

Annoying hu? Not only because it means I am more than likely going to have to move again, but because it would have been nice to have known before – it might have shaped my decisions on the move differently.

But it is done now. She needs to do this, and she needed to leave her expensive flat to afford the travelling so I guess this is the best situation for her at least. But in a few months I need to start looking for either a new flat mate or a new house……….

It does however mean that with 6-7 months in the flat we can’t do things like get a phone line, or broadband without me being left to pick up the bill when she goes – does anyone have any ideas about cost effective shorter term internet? I am not sure I can get through the next few months without it………


  1. That sucks, it really does. You could try Freedom2Surf or Be Unlimited, not sure what the prices are but could be worth a try.

  2. Ladies – I have decided I like my little flat and if it means living with a random when she leaves, then that is what I shall do.
    We have got a BT line going in at the start of September. Yay. xx

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