Middle Class Dilemmas

I have a massive dilemma – i am in la-la-love with this beautiful table from John Lewis  – but the boy doesn’t like it. 
Why he doesn’t like it is beyond me. It is tres pretty. I mean, it has dovetailed corners. It seats 6 comfortably, and then has a leaf so we could have a banquet! It was spotted in May and maybe, just maybe, it never left a little space in my brain. 

But the boy, he likes the handmade farmhouse one at a shop round the corner. Which don’t get me wrong, I thought I loved, until I popped back to JL last weekend and spotted this again. I think this table might be my new boyfriend. 

So, what do i do? do i just order the table i like to arrive whilst he is in India? I mean, if he will leave me for a whole month, alone in the house with the annoying house-mate, am I really responsible for my actions during this time? I think not.  

If you need any more help, helping me decide, here are those dovetails; 


  1. oh, man. that is a beautiful table. i don't know what to tell you, but…i'm leaning toward you just ordering it. 😉

    p.s. i also meant to comment on your post about feeling lost — i TOTALLY felt the same way when i moved to sarasota from orlando, and it took me a good year to get adjusted, find my own friends, etc. i think it's a phase everyone goes through. you'll find your footing. and until then, just know you're not alone in feeling that way. xoxoxo

  2. Yikes, Em, I don't know either. That is a lovely table. It kind of depends on just how long the boy might hold on to any resentment about having his opinion usurped. My husband? Would never let me forget it. But then again, our inability to agree on the purchase of a dining table means that 7 years into our marriage, we're still eating on an office conference room table we picked up from a garage sale for $25. At least you can't tell what it looks like under the table cloth…

  3. Keanie – the question isn't how long he would resent me ordering it, but more would he notice? hehe. I put a cluster of photo's on the wall at the top of our stairs. He walks the stairs many times a day and it took him 4 days to notice them……..

    Megan – Thank you. xx

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