Meeting, Making and Eating Herman

Have you met Herman?
Well, Herman is a sour dough ‘friendship cake’ who seems to be popping up all over the place – you feed him, look after him, share him and then bake him.
I’d never heard of him before the boy’s mum gave us one when we returned from snowboarding, but my mum tells me they were everywhere in the 80’s. So much so she got sick of ‘feeding’ and baking them and one ended up down the loo. Nether the less, this was our first Herman experience so we brought him home, stirred him and fed him for 10 days. 
And this week I got to bake him. 
I mixed up the recipe I was given a little – it seemed too dry, and I am not a fan of dry cake mix, so I added extra vanilla {I never measure vanilla essence, more slosh it in} and a few glugs of milk. And it doesn’t seem to have done any harm to the cake. I did follow the boy’s mums instructions and cooked the cake for slightly longer than it said, which made the cakey bit better, but burnt the edges slightly, so it doesn’t look as pretty as it might. 

I packaged Herman up for my friends in little food containers in lieu of anything more bowl like as I had them lying about – I bought them in a fit of ‘lets give people leftovers’ for a dinner with my friends. {Clearly I hadn’t met my friends before. As if there would be food left over!} I made a little fold out booklet with the instruction to go with it. 

If you fancy making a cake, or starting a chain of your own – I’ve found this post on how you start the process. 


  1. I was given a Herman a while back, I too mixed up the ingredients and baked it for longer than suggested.
    I added a bar of dairy milk and another bar of dairy milk whole nut to mine – it was pretty amazing! xx

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