Making me happy

Things that are making me happy right now;

  • Snow. Snow. Snow. 
  • Sledging. 
  • Warm Ribena – as a non tea/coffee drinker I need a little warm drink fix
  • Fun Christmas crafting projects on the go.
  • My new penguin. My mum bought him me from south Africa. She promised me a real one but apparently they’re not for taking so I got this cutie.


  1. A non-tea drinking Brit?! Didn't know they existed.

    During the whole time lived over there it seemed someone would offer me tea first thing when I arrived at their home. And I would politely decline. "Really, it's no trouble," they would say. And then I would have to explain that I don't like tea. Oh, the sacrilege!

    I confess, sometimes I just said yes to avoid the hassle.

    Oh, and I love, love, love penguins. They're adorable and make me laugh. When we went to New Zealand I was on an absolute mission to see them in the wild. Which I did. It was very amusing.

  2. haha – yes they do exist. I know a few of us – one drinks just hot water! Crazy.

    I too dislike having to explain my aversion to tea or coffee. People seem horrified!

    And yes – I love penguins. My parents took some amazing vids of the ones in Cape Town. Now I really want one – are they suitable pets?

  3. Though I adore penguins, I wouldn't be able to have one as a pet. Because they have no sphincters, you know. So no matter how much you try… no matter how much that little penguin loves you and wants to make you a happy penguin-mum… you cannot house train a penguin.

    Just sayin'. 🙂

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