The Lovely Package Exchange

The other week, in a
surprisingly on-the-ball moment, I managed to make the sign-up list for the
 Oh, Hello Friend Lovely Package Exchange.

The plan is to swap
something wonderfully wrapped and bundled up with another blogger, who
themselves likes pretty packages. The swaps are happening country by country to
help with postage, which I guess means you can be even more creative with both
what and how you send your gift. I’m super excited as I am pretty sure that packaging your gift is
almost as important as the gift itself. {Granted sometimes I will be at the last minute and I am sorry if you’ve received one of those gifts, but on the whole, pretty wins every time.} 

The swapee’s were announced
on Monday and I thought I would introduce you to mine – Annabel at Fragmented Splendour. We all filled in a little questionnaire and f
rom hers I know that these are her likes and hobbies;
5 favorite things: I adore cats, sweet vintage items, Anything purple or mustard, lace and crochet items and anything at all that is hand made! 🙂
5 words to describe you or your style: Quirky, unique, colourful, lovely, avid book&blog reader.
Anything else you’d like to mention: I LOVE packaging & getting post, I make jewellery, I’m a student, I study Fine art & my favourite piece of clothing is a dress covered in cats!

So I will try and weave those likes into my gift collating/making {I just have to be honest though, I don’t really ‘do’ cats, so it might not contain them!} and now I have a couple of
weeks to get my ass in gear and send her something that not only is fun but
looks pretty when she receives it. 

I have about 5 different theme ideas racing around
my head so I guess the best bet would be to pop them all in a hat and stick to
one, or it’ll be a whole mish-mash of ideas and probably turn out horribly.
But it is fab to know I am
going to not only be making something pretty but receiving something nice too! 


  1. Very well put Ems! I'm struggling for ideas at the moment, I think work has taken over a bit, any ideas welcome ? Xxx

  2. i am thinking of going a little leftfield and ignoring the likes and just sending what I fancy! they are just there as a sort of a guide anyway aren't they. x

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