Looking Pretty

You might recall I have a wedding to go to soon and I’d left it a little late in sorting out my outfit. Well, I think, with at exactly 1 week to spare, I might have got it all sorted. 

I went to the shops wanting something blue so I could wear the beautiful sapphires the boy gave me last year, but it turns out blue just isn’t the colour of dressy dresses this year, and so I’ll be partying in this outfit; 

1. dress 2. Bolaro  3. headband 4. Clutchbag (handmade) 5. Shoes

So, I came away with this stunning beige-y/pink-y
dress from Ted Baker that makes me look like an extra from
in Paris. Which is no bad thing. I adore
the dress, and I am massively in love with my feather bolero {it does not,
however, work with my PJ’s}

headband is from accessorize. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t going with any head wear
until my mum spotted it and fell in love. I’m wearing it more for her than me.
And the shoes are a Matalan classic, but the colour fits the beading on the
dress perfectly. I’ll be honest. I hate heels so as soon as I can I’ll be
swapping them out for a pair of flats.

The only shame is the clutch bag, which
I love and was made by my own fair hands from the most buttery soft leather and
some stunning liberty print lining is a bit too pink for the dress. I *should*
have gone with the lighter shade.

{i bought the pink to match a previous
dress and its just too pink. Unfortunately I don’t have the cash to make buy
the leather for another! Unless someone wants to buy this one from me?}

I’ve also been talked into buying some Bare Minerals make-up. When I had a little session with it at work, the finish was flawless – I’m just hoping I can emulate that finish too. 


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