Little things I am loving

These stunning lashes from Luna & Curious were spied over at Lobster and Swan. I dream for an event where they’d be appropriate. I think I might be in love with the peonies. 

I have been watching WAY too much True Blood Season 3 this week – I just can’t put it down and since it on my computer I don’t have to – I mean how hot is Eric? Last week when my brother returned from a trip round the East Coast of America, he brought back an actual bottle of Tru Blood. I am not sure he was prepared for the squeal that left my mouth. His dogs definitely weren’t. 

And fellow ‘fang banger’ wannabe Michelle over at Domestic Sluttery brought this amazing ring & neckalce combo to my attention – it’s from Me & Zena and you would not believe how cheap it is too! 

And my new nail varnishes. I am pretty useless with nail varnish – usually it goes on, almost perfect, and within 5 minutes of it drying it’s chipped. But having being drawn in by the 2 for £5 offer and the super cute purple below, I purchased some Barry M and i can happily say that after 3 days it hasn’t chipped yet – now that is a bit of an achievement. 

Oh, and I might be having a grey moment. The boy looked at me like I was crazy when I told him the grey nail varnish was a beautiful colour. And with even more bemusement at my tights, but what does he know? 

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